Acquisition and Succession

Call on confidential, expert support throughout the deal process, to get more from a business acquisition or sale.

Whether you are seeking to buy a brokerage as part of your growth plans, or looking to sell as part of an exit strategy, doing the right deal and managing a smooth process is paramount to success – to maximising return on an acquisition or the financial rewards of a sale.

But, buying or selling a business can be a complex and uncertain transaction, and is also likely to be the most important you will ever undertake. What’s more, getting it right is paramount for both businesses, their staff, and clients – and finding the formula for a successful deal encompasses a great many considerations that are far removed from day-to-day business ownership.

That is why we have developed Hedron Network acquisition support. It is a complete package offering confidential, end-to-end support for brokers seeking to buy or sell a business. Delivered by a combination of Hedron Network experts and third-party specialists, it is designed to provide easy access to all the support you need to complete the deal.

  • Match making. Identify and approach potential acquisition targets, and get conversations started. The team draws on a detailed broker insight - from client base, specialisms, and expertise, to work ethic and business culture - to help find the ideal buyer/seller match and get initial conversations underway.

  • Due Diligence. Prepare your business, identify, and remedy issues that could derail a deal. Get help with pre-deal compliance and HR reviews to full due diligence and post-transaction integration planning.

  • Tax Planning. Review your tax position to maximise the efficiency of your transaction. Work with expert tax advisors specialising in acquisition and business sale preparation, to minimise tax exposures and prepare for a smooth transaction.

  • Funding Options. Expand your deal funding options with rapid access to acquisition finance. Choose from a range of business finance providers, for simplified funding applications and the chance to widen your acquisition finance options.

  • Marketing and Communications. Communicate quickly and consistently to avoid disruption. Our growth consultants are on hand to help you plan and deliver marketing and communications that protect customers and employee relations during a sale or acquisition.

  • HR and Compliance. Minimise compliance and people risk during and after a deal. We can help identify and remedy issues, working with you to integrate systems and policies – for a smooth transition after your sale or acquisition.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Help to find the right deal partner.
  • Call on support from legal, tax, and due diligence specialists.
  • Access a choice of deal funding partners.
  • Get the help you need with marketing and communication.
  • Manage a smooth transaction.
  • Maximise the value of a sale or acquisition.