Build on solid foundations with access to a full suite of compliance tools - advisers, webinars and an annual health check, as well as bespoke support where required.

Growing a business is not without risk, and as you expand the risk and compliance landscape you must navigate inevitably become more diverse and complex.

This can represent a significant challenge for growing businesses, with ever more resource eaten up by the need to stay abreast of new regulations, understand what they mean to your business, and apply the appropriate checks and controls – all without damaging the sales culture that is so important to realising your growth ambitions.

Support Tailored to You

At the same time, we know that every broker is different, with access to different compliance skills, tools, and resources and navigating a compliance landscape shaped by the size and nature of the business.

That is why we don’t expect Hedron Network partner brokers to accept a one-size-fits-all approach to compliance support. You can choose the depth and breadth of service that you need and call on the expertise and tools you need to streamline compliance while ensuring your business growth is built on solid foundations.

Compliance Health Check

You can request an annual independent review and assessment of your practices, systems, processes and controls to identify and help you resolve actual, or potential, regulatory breaches, and customer detriment. 

Information and Insight

To help you keep up to date with regulatory changes and how they apply to your business, you will be able to read regular, plain-English compliance updates and publications. They will explore compliance issues and updates, drilling down to offer detailed guidance on what you need to do in response.

Document and Template Library

Access compliance templates and toolkits to help streamline and cut the cost of creating and maintaining compliance documentation. You will be secure in the knowledge that template policies and procedures are up to date, in line with the latest regulations – and provide a solid basis for your overall risk and compliance framework.

Tools and Resources

You can also call on a range of tools to help strengthen compliance, particularly around data security, sanctions checks and professional standards and access our Network academy – an online training and competency programme designed specifically for brokers.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Streamline and strengthen compliance to ensure your business grows on solid foundations.
  • Easily keep up-to-date with changing regulations and what they mean for you in practice.
  • Save time and money by accessing up-to-date policy and procedures templates that can form that basis of a sound compliance framework.
  • Access tools and services to make dealing with specific compliance issues quick and easy.
  • Get discounted access to the Hedron Network Academy.
  • Call on bespoke compliance support and expertise – tailored to complement your existing capabilities or address specific compliance requirements.