Systems and Business Efficiency 

Protect or enhance profitability and productivity with a range of services, tools, and support designed to improve the efficiency of your back-office operations and systems.

Insurance brokers large and small, and at every stage of the business lifecycle, rely on back-office systems and expertise to support their operations.

It is often seen merely as a cost-centre, but this infrastructure can play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and profitability – slick operational systems that dovetail with workflows can remove barriers to growth and reduce costs.

That is why, as a Hedron Network partner broker, you can choose from a range of services, tools, and support designed to help you maximise operational efficiency and put in place the  systems you need – without breaking the bank.

The Acturis Advantage

Hedron Network partner brokers are ideally placed to accelerate their digital transformations, with streamlined, lower cost Acturis support:

  • Network exclusive pricing: Access the competitive network offering, featuring reduced set-up and subscription costs for Hedron Network partner brokers.
  • Fully supported: Your dedicated systems consultant will be there to support you throughout – from initial discussion, to live date and beyond.
  • Bespoke training: Call on tailored Acturis training to quickly get your users up and running.
  • System reviews: Work with your systems consultant to review your Acturis set-up and identify opportunities for further efficiencies, build custom reports, and iron out any issues.
  • Responsive support: An Acturis helpdesk service will ensure you can resolve day-to-day issues quickly.

Client Money

Allow us to alleviate some of the heavy lifting in this area and manage client money activities on your behalf.

The client money rules are, by necessity, onerous and place a significant burden on brokers. In addition to the higher regulatory risk and exposure, client money handling involves significant cost as well as time, often from the senior people in the business.

Brokers who are operating on Acturis can access our long-established client money service and allow us to manage this complex area on your behalf, without experiencing a loss of control or an interruption to cash flow. Let us deal with the reconciliations, client money calculations and payments whilst you focus on the client. Client money permissions can be removed, so you benefit from more favourable capital resource and audit requirements as a result. The time and resource saved can be re-invested or re-purposed in growing your business.

  • Client money functions can be handled by Hedron Network.
  • Dedicated bank account just for your business.
  • Client money permissions can be removed.
  • Lower capital adequacy and audit requirements.
  • Time and resource savings.
  • Focus on clients and business growth.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Client money functions can be handled by Hedron Network.
  • Draw on our expert support and exclusive arrangements with Acturis.
  • Find time and cost savings in office procurement.
  • Enable efficient collaboration, communication, and seamless remote working.
  • Streamline sales administration without compromising on compliance.
  • Get help with tax accounting and debt recovery.
  • Help your employees make more efficient, more profitable use of time.