Growth and Marketing

Call on growth planning consultancy to target market opportunity, plus all the support, tools, and resources you need to deliver effective sales campaigns.

It is one thing to identify growth opportunities, but seizing them requires capability, capacity, and the ability to adapt quickly – and that is not always straightforward, particularly for brokers without a dedicated sales and marketing operation.

Broker growth is in our DNA. We know that sustained growth happens through planning and regular activity and as a Hedron Network partner broker, we aim to help and inspire you to achieve this.

Growth Consultancy

You can choose to work with a Hedron Network growth consultant to assess opportunities, develop, and review plans – and ensure growth activity closely aligns to your overall business ambitions.

This outside view will bring clarity to your plans, assess the tools and resources you need to deliver them, and help you to measure results and adapt - to ensure your plans remain relevant as new markets and facilities become available.

Expanded Capacity & Capability

As a Hedron Network partner broker you will be able to call on all the skills, support and insight you need to make the most of growth opportunities:

  • Aggregated data from news sources, company blogs, and credit reference agencies to arm you with the insight you need to engage with both customers and prospects, research sales opportunities, and add focus to marketing and growth campaigns.
  • Telemarketing agencies to take over the labour-intensive activity of cold calling and lead generation.
  • A professional content library containing extensive content resources, which you can use to inform, engage, and attract new business prospects.
  • Self-service marketing content and tactics you can amend, rebrand, and use to power your own marketing campaigns.
  • A database of pre-approved suppliers from across the marketing mix, selected by the Hedron Network growth support team for their expertise and experience of the insurance sector.
  • Access to Evolve, an innovative, low-cost website solution to transform your online presence into an engine for growth.

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Expert support to identify growth opportunities, shape, resource, and measure highly targeted sales campaigns.
  • A choice of services, facilities, and third-party expertise to extend your sales and marketing capabilities.
  • An innovative, low-cost opportunity to transform your website and fuel it with content.